We offer customisable programs and workshops designed to develop critical people skills and competencies. 


The 2-day CoResolve workshop provides a toolkit that facilitates effective communication, collaboration and decision-making by increasing leaders' awareness of, and receptiveness, to diverse and minority views. It is based on Lewis Deep Democracy and is delivered on-line and in-person.

Effective Facilitation Training

We offer a year-long facilitation skills program based on the Lewis Deep Democracy methodology. Participants are required to attend a number of workshops during the year. On completion of this course, participants can choose to become accredited as Lewis Deep Democracy Facilitators.

Presenting with Impact

This 4-part (3 hours each), highly interactive workshop has been designed to assist individuals whose roles require them to regularly present, or individuals who may suffer anxiety or a lack of confidence speaking to an audience. The workshop makes use of a blended learning approach, made up of online e-learning, virtual training and practical application.

Mindfulness Movement

One week of daily bite-size sessions (3o minutes per day over 5 days) aims to help participants learn about mindfulness and how to cultivate the habit to improve overall wellness. The sessions will teach them to build and maintain this habit through the practice of different mindfulness techniques. This course is offered on a larger, company-wide scale, or with smaller, intimate groups.

Introduction to Effective Leadership

Built around The Leadership Circle Profile™, this 2-day introductory workshop incorporates the latest leadership development, neuroscience, and action-learning principles.

Benefits for the organisation include -

  • A common framework and language to describe and develop leadership
  • A foundation for the organisation’s long term leadership development agenda
  • Accelerated progress toward organisational goals

Masterful Mentoring Workshop

This carefully crafted 2-day workshop prepares, equips and familiarises participants with the knowledge and skills they need to successfully navigate a mentoring relationship that adds value to all parties – the Mentee, Mentor and their organisation. This workshop is in the process of SETA accreditation.

Purpose & Values

This half-day workshop is designed to support organisations to clarify their business purpose, and what their teams want and need to do to deliver on their purpose every single day. Combined with an online e-learning module, this is facilitated by the connection to, and integration of, a set of core values that enable emotional commitment, prosperity and a shared pool of meaning for leaders, teams and organisations.

Powerful Conversations

Over 2 half-days, we teach participants how to prepare for, and facilitate, effective one-on-one conversations using relatable frameworks, embedding critical conversation skills and applying their learning to company-specific, practical scenarios.

Leader as Coach

This 1-day practical workshop introduces to leaders the critical skills required to initiate and facilitate a coaching conversation with confidence and ease.

Driving Accountability

Our 1-day accountability workshop enables leaders to discuss and grapple with the concept of accountability within their current context. Making use of simple frameworks and practical exercises, we help leaders learn how to create and foster a culture of sustainable contribution and accountability.

Introduction to EQ

Working with Goleman’s model of emotional intelligence (EQ), this 1-day workshop unpacks the key attributes of EQ, while modelling successful examples and scenarios. Participants also have the option to complete and receive feedback on an EQ psychometric assessment for awareness and development purposes.