©INSIGHTS Discovery is a global powerful personality profiling system that provides a framework for individuals and teams to understand themselves and others more effectively. It is a memorable, fun and fascinating introduction to the Insights Discovery learning systems.

This series of 4 online workshops has been designed around the INSIGHTS framework. They are focused on providing individuals and/or teams with greater insight into their colour preferences and how this impacts the way they view the world and engage with others. The approach is based on the work of psychologist C.G. Jung, using colours to convey our preferences in behaviour and personality types. The model is easy to grasp and yet deeply powerful in its application.


Workshop 1 is the foundation for the other three workshops. and will need to be completed before moving on to the others.


If you have completed an INSIGHTS Discovery profile previously, then you are welcome to join any workshop.

✅ WORKSHOP ONE: 4th August

Who am I?

Understanding the 6 preferences, exploring the INSIGHTS colour energies, identifying your own style as well as recognising other people’s preferences.


✅ WORKSHOP TWO: 11th August

Building Connection

Developing strategies for engaging effectively with others.

✅ WORKSHOP THREE: 18th August

Lessons from the other side

Recognising our opposite type and understanding our shadow.

✅ WORKSHOP FOUR: 25th AugustTips and TricksIntroducing Insights models and frameworks for success: setting goals, giving feedback, managing bad day behaviour.

R200 for one workshop and R500 for a package to attend all four.​​ If you have any questions please email connect@shine.global Scan the QR code to make payment or send us an email to receive the EFT details.

The Thinking Environment is a body of work that offers a way to transform everyday
communication structures and engagements into clear thinking, energizing, inclusive and collaborative experiences. To introduce you more deeply to this work and enable you to learn about, explore and practice how to create a Thinking Environment in yourself and in your interactions with others at home and work, Shine will be offering a Foundation course in the Thinking Environment.


The course will run over four, 4-hour sessions from 9h00 until 13h00

on 3rd, 4th, 9th, 10th September 2020.


Registration for the course will include a one hour, one on one Thinking Session with Creina Schneier, who is one of the Global Faculty members of Time To Think and has over 10 years of experience in this work. The cost of the course is R7500.00 exclusive of VAT.

Great speakers are not BORN - they're TRAINED. This powerful and practical 4-part series will provide you with the key essentials to becoming a confident and impactful presenter.

You will learn to:
1. Structure your message for impact and action
2. Identify your personality style and learn to optimise that
2. Engage with the audience in a compelling way that appeals to different personality styles
3. Utilise your body language and voice to get people to pay attention to your message
4. Manage nervousness and stage fright
5. Optimise technology and virtual tools to create a powerful and memorable impression

This carefully crafted online programme includes short self-study modules covering the theoretical components of the training followed by 2.5 hour Zoom workshops to embed the practical aspects.

Candida di Giandomenico is a seasoned master facilitator with over 20 years of training and presenting background. She is also a qualified speech teacher and has spent over 10 years in executive roles for leading organisations. She will be sharing her expertise in delivering key note addresses, facilitating large and small groups, training presentation skills for over 20 years, hosting and speaking at conferences, presenting to boards, clients and staff and her personal tips and techniques for owning the stage.

Sessions are run via Zoom on:
27 August 2:00 - 4:30
3 September 2:00 - 4:30
10 September 2:00 - 4:30
17 September 2:00 - 4:30

We are offering this workshop at a ridiculously affordable rate of R950 as part of our blended learning programme pilot.


We are accredited in the Lewis Method of Co-Resolve and Deep Democracy. This is an internationally recognized methodology for leaders. It unlocks the wisdom of teams through collaborative decision-making & constructive conflict resolution. 


Working in partnership with the Schuitema Human Excellence

Group, we are accredited to deliver the full suite of Care & Growth Leadership, and Team and Personal Excellence programs.  

Working in partnership with the Candida Di Giandomenico we offer ©INSIGHTS Discovery Profiling - a global, powerful personality profiling system that provides a framework for individuals and teams to understand themselves and others more effectively.


© 2019 Shine4U (CC)  BBBEE Level 2

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