Business Strategy & Change Solutions

We partner with you to create and implement strategies and processes that facilitate effective change, development and engagement in order to achieve the business outcomes you want. We make use of Graphic Harvesting as a key tool that brings this work to life.


Our coaching methodologies are transformative, enhancing self-awareness, connection and personal effectiveness. Our coaches are professionally qualified, adhere to a code of ethics, and undertake regular supervision.

Leadership Development Interventions

Our interventions are informed by Robert Anderson’s Universal Model of Leadership™. We spend time understanding the context and pain points, and then design solutions that meet your unique requirements. Our interventions typically include our 2-day Introduction to Effective Leadership Workshop, Leadership Circle Profile™ assessments, bespoke 360 assessments, coaching and a range of customised leadership application modules.

Team Effectiveness

Through bespoke process design and facilitation, we draw on deep democracy principles to help teams cultivate effective relationships and deal creatively with diversity.

Conflict Resolution and Mediation

We view conflict as an opportunity to strengthen relationships. Using the renowned Lewis Deep Democracy methodology, we facilitate conversations which help the parties become more self-aware, accountable, and grow from leaning into the conflict. We also offer a formal and structured mediation service. In this voluntary process, we provide the safety and structure for parties to take ownership of the process and the agreement they reach.


We partner with leaders, teams and organisations to create and deliver impactful solutions.