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Owning our Humanness

Updated: Oct 21, 2019

by Charlotte Crisp

Clarity is one of our core values and themes in the work we do. We value clarity in multiple contexts starting from individual and leading to clarity in teams and organisations as a whole. But why the fuss on Clarity? Why is such a simple word such a difficult, yet important thing to accomplish?

We currently live and work in a world which is changing faster than ever before. As we enter the “4th Industrial Revolution”, jobs which did not exist one generation ago are now critical. According to WEF (2018) by 2020 over 75 million jobs will have disappeared and will have been replaced 133 million new types of jobs. This fear of living and working in an incredibly fast changing world coupled with the uncertainty people in the working world are experiencing (job security and questioning relevance of own skills and knowledge) has led to overwhelmingly high levels of anxiety.

Research shows us the detrimental effects that living with high levels of anxiety can have on our work performance, home life, relationships as well as overall physical and mental health.

It is clearer than ever before that we need to be prioritizing our own health to ensure we are well enough to contribute positively to our families, work teams, organisations and communities in general. But this has become the critical question:

How can we, as individuals, make a difference powerful enough to impact not only our own lives, but the lives of those we have relationships with?

Is this something that technology can do for us as we enter the 4th Industrial Revolution? We strongly believe that as we enter this new world of work, soft skills will become the top skills. Technology and machinery can do many wonderful things, however, there is a huge limit on creativity, empathy and relationship building (to name a few). The combination of these attributes can be understood as EQ or ‘soft skills’. We strongly believe that EQ will become the differentiating factor between average and high performers and is therefore very important for future jobs.

Working with others, managing disagreements, inspiring co-workers and collaborating for better results are benchmarks that matter more every day. Before these skills can be developed, our key value shows its worth – we need CLARITY. We not only need clarity in our own lives, but the more we develop our EQ, the more we become aware of how critical it is to create clarity for the people in our lives – our family, our team members, our subordinates and even our customers. Over the past few weeks, the Shine team has given tips on how to start creating this clarity. Stop assuming and start asking, checking in (with self and others) and co-creating the standards you want to live and work by. Make an effort to own your humanness - take responsibility for clarifying your own contribution to the relationships you are in and watch your anxiety start to fade away as you start to build success all around you…

What action can you take today which will create improved clarity for you as well as your team?


“It’s a lack of clarity that creates chaos and frustration.

Those emotions are poison to any

living goal”

- Steve Maraboli



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