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Find your Voice - Step into Your Power

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

Laylah was top talent – an excellent performer, great work ethic, super smart. She’d been identified as the next in line for a senior executive role in a leading corporation. AND she had a skills gap. When I first met her on day 1 of the workshop, I could immediately tell that she needed to step into her power. She came across as uncertain, awkward, and apologetic. Not good traits when you’re about to be leading a division of 400 strong! She needed to develop more gravitas – to own her space and find her voice.

After completing the first presentation in module 1, she was already making changes to her style and applying what we’d covered. By the final module, she had completely blown us away with her presentation. The group listened mesmerized as she shared with us her powerful story about overcoming cancer.  She spoke about the frightening realisation that she could potentially have lost her voice forever because of the tricky operation she needed to have to essentially save her life.

She was poised, energized, vocally strong and her posture and gesturing were natural, confident, and open. Her presentation was seriously impactful. Not only did she sustain everyone’s attention but her core message about managing stress and burnout rang loudly for all the participants – her call to action was clear. She’d found her voice.

This is just one story of hundreds where we have proven that anyone can be a great speaker – they just need the skills.

Employees with strong presentation capabilities have a 15% greater chance of being promoted in their roles.

Let’s face it, even the smartest, most exciting ideas are really not impactful or given credibility if they can’t be shared effectively with others. In today’s world, your ability to stand up and speak with ease and talk to power is instrumental to your success.

The reality is that presenting effectively is a crucial business skill. In fact, research tells us, it is one of the most important and desired qualities a job candidate can possess (e.g., O’Hair et al., 2010;  Ulinski  &  O'Callaghan,  2002). A recent study by the software company Prezi found that 70% of employed Americans who give presentations agree that presentation skills are critical to their success at work. 

And there’s good news! Anyone can learn these skills because great speakers are not born, they are trained.

Join us for the FULL 4 part online SpeakEasy event and learn how to present yourself with impact.

COMPLEMENTARY E-LEARNING COURSE: In this short extract from our PRESENT YOURSELF WITH IMPACT program, we share some of our tips and tricks for running virtual presentations.


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