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Abas Alhassan

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I want to give back to the society by helping professionals achieve their personal and professional goals based on my over 30 years’ experience in the corporate world.

Experience and Skills

The pace of change in the world resulting from the fourth industrial revolution of information technology, has brought daily challenges which individuals and organisations face. These challenges include changes in life and workplace which have resulted in increasing pressure on people to manage their personal lives and deliver on organisational strategy being impacted by geopolitics, globalisation and changing technologies. My coaching is aimed at effecting the desired change in individuals’ personal and professional lives, and organisational change and development through integral approach to personal development, leadership development, strategy change and organisational development on the basis that to achieve success, all parts and the interrelationship must be examined. Every part is unique and yet has connection and is influenced by the other part. These parts include the individual emotions and thoughts, body and behaviour, culture and relationship, and systems and environment. Therefore, growth and development are achieved on the basis that every coaching client has solutions to their problems and have the capacity to learn and develop in a system that is interrelated and is influenced by the various parts. I went into coaching to give back to the society after over 3 decades in the corporate world.


B.Sc, Banking and Finance
M.Sc, Finance
Chartered Accountant (FCA)
Accredited Coach Training Programme (ACT) Certificate
Post Graduate Diploma in Coaching
Accredited Certified Coach (ACC) of the Intemational Coach Federation (ICF)
Board Audit Committee Member Stanbic IBTC Bank Ltd

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