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Niven Arendse

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“I believe that everyone has within them the resources that they need to achieve the outcomes they desire. I am committed to help my clients access those internal resources and to help them transition from where they are to where they want to be.”

Experience and Skills

Niven has accumulated over two decades of leadership experience within insurance companies and banks. His extensive background in the business sector, coupled with his legal expertise as a practicing attorney, instills a deep sense of assurance in his clients. Niven possesses a remarkable ability to comprehend their unique requirements and the intricate dynamics of their respective industries.

Throughout his tenure in corporate leadership, including holding the positions of CEO and Managing Director in two distinct companies, Niven honed his skills in corporate strategy, operational efficiency, and people management. These invaluable experiences enabled him to develop a profound passion for facilitating the growth and advancement of individuals, particularly leaders and professionals, by unlocking their potential in both personal and professional realms.


Masters Business Administration (Bond University)
CFD Integral Coach® (UCT GSB)
CFP® (Financial Planning Institute SA)

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