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Michelle Smorfitt

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I strive to empower people to grow and develop themselves, their communities and organisations. I am a well-being advocate and a social change agent in fighting the world’s injustices.

Experience and Skills

Michelle is trained as a social worker, LDD conflict resolution facilitator and is a mindfulness teacher in-training. She has experience in teaching, facilitating, strategy, and mindfulness. She has also worked in the NGO/NPO field working with diverse marginalized groups from refugees to disabled children with counselling, group work and community development. She is a young dynamic social change agent and is passionate about well-being and development in individuals, teams, communities and organisations. Michelle also possesses of other skills such as Conflict Resolution.


Bachelors (Honors) in Social Work – With Distinction
Lewis Deep Democracy Facilitator
The Mindful Revolution Teacher Training Programme (to graduate December 2021)
Mindfulness Teacher in the Making

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