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Lesley Makau

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I think that the world has millions of problems, but if we try to solve them, we then see that the world has millions of opportunities. My favourite quote is "Equip yourself for life, not solely for your benefit, but for the benefit of the whole community"'

Experience and Skills

In the last decade, Lesley has learned from diverse corporate cultures and people, he has had roles in FMCG, Education, Defense and Correctional Services sectors. Lesley enjoys working with teams and optimising their efficiency which emerges from 13 years of working with people talented in a diverse range of skills across different industries. He is a trained internal investigator and enjoys helping to avoid future problems by identifying and resolving gaps in company good practice. Lesley has a deep interest in philanthropy and ensures participating in at least one impactful initiative at all times.


B.Soc.Sc. Psychology & Management
BA. (Hons) Industrial Organisational Psychology
PGDip. Labour Law

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