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Kamogelo Musi

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"My work is inspired by my need to help people grow and
develop. I ask the question, how can I provide a relationship
which this person may use for his own personal growth?"
Carl Rogers

Experience and Skills

Kamogelo is an Industrial Psychologist with a strong passion for people development. She focuses on empowering individuals and facilitating growth in various professional settings. She is trained as a facilitator in Lewis Deep Democracy and Ontological coaching, two methodologies that contribute to personal and organisational transformation.

Additionally, Kamogelo is growing her career in Organisational Development, typically working closely with leaders, teams and employees to assess organisational needs, design interventions, and facilitate processes that enhance communication, collaboration and overall performance.

Kamogelo's combination of skills as an Industrial Psychologist, facilitator in Lewis Deep Democracy and Ontological coaching, and her focus on leadership coaching in the education sector, along with her interest in Organisational Development, reflects her dedication to helping individuals and organizations thrive and reach their full potential.


Masters in Industrial Psychology
HPCSA Registered Industrial Psychologist (PS 0150703)
Lewis Deep Democracy Facilitator
Accredited in several Psychometric Assessments

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