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Izaak Coetzee

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Be a person you can admire.

Experience and Skills

Izaak has more than 20 years of senior management and executive experience, having worked for government, organs of state and private companies, as well as being an Exco member of a JSE listed company. Izaak understands the role of executives and their challenges and brings an ability to think outside of the box and inspire creative, innovative and real-world solutions that support his clients. Practical support is provided in the integration of business aspects and self, through greater levels of self-awareness and associated shifts in thinking, relationships and action. Izaak has been coaching and mentoring for more than 10 years with a strong focus on leadership development in the corporate environment. He has deep experience in mediation, negotiations and conflict management within the business environment.


Certified NeuroLeadership Institute Coach - Brain Based Coaching
Accredited Coach - The Leadership Circle Profile
Certified Enneagram Practitioner
COMENSA Member (Coaches and Mentors of South Africa)
NMM Member (National Mentorship Movement)
MBA – University of North West
BCom Hons - UNISA

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