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Goodnews Cadogan

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I want to make a difference that contributes to the development of Africa as a continent, and an inclusive and prosperous South Africa.

Experience and Skills

Goodnews has had the opportunity to work closely with a number of South African organisations during his career – some including: Volkswagen South Africa, Goodyear, Nampak, National Brands, Vodacom, ABSA and SA Revenue Services. Working within and across these different industries has provided him with the opportunity to practice diagnostic prowess, gain systems management experience and enhance his organisational design and development capabilities. It has also developed his strong skills for general human capital management.
Over the years, Goodnews has also gained experience working with macroeconomic leadership, working with the complexity of policy development and enforcement, as well as public policy and tax administration. He has mastered strategic navigation, strategic foresight, advocacy, deep design and networked intelligence, developing the skills that service him as a well-established management consultant and executive coach today.


Professional Coaching Certificate (Integral Coaching Canada)
Family & Organisation Constellations Facilitator (Hellinger Institute)

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