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Eunice Liefferink

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My purpose is to support you through this process by creating a safe space for self discovery and growth.

Experience and Skills

With an excess of 20 years corporate experience in directing various teams and leaders in employee engagement, leadership training and coaching, Eunice's experience has provided her with the skills required to relate to the challenges that both leaders and organisations face when it comes to gaining commitment.

Techniques that she applies to assist clients are Genetic Brain Profiling, NLP (Neuro Linguistics Programming) Coaching, Lewis Deep Democracy Conflict Resolution method and the Care & Growth Leadership Thematic to name a few.

Eunice has worked across several industries such as banking, insurance, retail and mining, at varying levels from consultant to C-Suite. She aims to engage authentically with clients whilst building long-term relationships of trust and contribution.


Internationally Certified NLP Practitioner
Accredited Profoligist in Genetic Brain Profiling
Accredited Human Excellence Facilitator in Care & Growth Thematic
Accredited Facilitator - Lewis Method of Deep Democracy and CoResolve
Accredited Coach - The Leadership Circle Profile

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