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David Long

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“I want to leave a person, a team, an organisation, and the world at large in a better place for my inputs and involvement. I believe it is possible to improve any situation by applying common sense and basic problem-solving techniques”.

Experience and Skills

With four decades of expertise in overseeing both personnel and technology, David has successfully executed projects and delivered solutions across diverse industries. His experience spans from leadership roles in listed corporate entities to navigating smaller entrepreneurial environments. David brings a practical and commercial reality to all aspects of technology solutions, together with a people management approach and style that fosters growth and inclusiveness.

David is a valuable resource at every stage of business processes, offering assistance ranging from strategic planning and problem analysis to option evaluation and comprehensive business planning, culminating in effective implementation. David believes that people and technology can be great assets to an organisation when applied in the right manner and for optimal purposes.


Masters Business Administration (Wits Business School)
BSc Honours in Operations Research
BSc in Computer Science and Operations Research
TOC (Theory of constraints) Certified

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