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Candida di Giandomenico

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I am inspired by helping individuals, teams and businesses unlock new and empowering skills and realise their potential.

Experience and Skills

Candida di Giandomenico is a seasoned Learning and Development executive with more than 25 years’ of L&D experience. Having held the role of L&D Executive for over 13 years in leading companies, she comes with a wealth of knowledge and first-hand experience on how to assist organisations and leaders build high performance teams, grow a culture of accountability, enhance engagement, lead teams for success, and improve cohesion. Her experience spans multiple industries. With an energetic, can-do and charismatic style, she designs learning strategies, interventions and programmes that are fit for purpose and tailored to address the client’s world. She can be relied on to think out of the box, ensure impact and include a healthy dose of energy – as a facilitator, she has the capacity to engage her audience, sustain attention and maintain focus, delivering engaging and purposeful workshops.

With over two decades in the field of HRD, Candida has a wealth of experience to draw from to ensure that the workshops and solutions meet business objectives. Candida is also a seasoned INSIGHTS practitioner and Enneagram certified coach. Candida also possesses of other skills, such as sustomer service and sales excellence, retail mastery, trainer development, presentation skills and MCing,


ETDP – University of Johannesburg
LTCL, ATCL Trinity College of London
LTCL, ATCL SA College of Speech and Drama
Accredited DISCOVERY INSIGHTS practitioner
Certificate in Coaching – the Coaching Centre

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