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HOPE – the Little Safe Haven in my Heart

Updated: Sep 8, 2021

Shine Internship - HOPE Series

by Thasmiri Singh, Shine IOP Intern, 2021

It's the waking up in the morning and being thankful I am able to breathe. Such necessities can be seen as a luxury in the world we are living in today. In such a whirlwind of unjust and chaos, we are able to smile and persevere. Hope is such an underrated phenomenon because of its perception and multiple meanings.

For me, hope is that little safe haven in my heart, that everything will be okay.

Growing up, I never really had many women figures in my life. I always longed to become an independent woman so I can give the child in me closure and reassurance that, "YES", you can do it all. And as I grew older, I witnessed so many great leaders who are women. That hope I had, never left my soul; and as I grow as a woman in corporate, I am always amazed by the strong women I meet.

It goes to show, once you have an ounce of hope for a cause, it will live in you forever.

I've always preached about empowering girls and women alike to find their strength. Growing up in patriarchy, I hoped I would grow up to be my own person. I always try to impart that hope, the basic rights, responsibilities and freedom this country has given me - I will always be grateful.



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