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A Brighter Future: Lessons from our I/O Psychology Internship

Updated: Aug 12, 2021

Shine Hope Series.

by Charlotte Crisp

Whilst there is no arguing we live in one of the most beautiful and diverse countries in the world, it’s sometimes hard to look past the daily struggles of living in what is also one of the most unjust countries in the world. This has been highlighted by the recent riots and destruction in parts of the country. For many people not living in South Africa – its an absolute mystery as to why we stay… and whilst trying to make sense of it myself, a few things have been highlighted to me recently.

South Africa – “Our Rainbow Nation” stands true to this symbolism.

We are a resilient nation , we are a nation of optimism, we are a nation of Ubuntu and we are overwhelmingly a nation of HOPE.

Whilst we recently went through a period of destruction and desperate loss, this resilience and optimistic state of mind didn’t take long to Shine through – individuals and communities quickly came together to show what our beautiful country is capable of when our people unite.

We want to share our own story of transformation and hope – something that is close to our heart and gives us daily insight into the personal resilience, strength and optimism present in our society – this is our very own Industrial Psychology Internship. We are in our 7th year of helping young Industrial Psychologists gain the practical knowledge and exposure they need to complete their qualification and register as psychologists. This journey started somewhat accidentally, however, over the past 7 years, we have poured blood, sweat and tears into growing some of the best young professionals South Africa has to offer.

2020 Interns (mask free, pre-COVID19)

Over this period, we have helped over 50 young professionals complete their qualification (2021 still in progress) whilst learning from their resilience and beautiful optimism. As young passionate South Africans, over the next few weeks, our interns will be sharing their own stories of hope, growth and adventure so without going into too much detail.

Our biggest takeaway thus far is that the people we work with are exceptional because they all:

Want to serve

What shines through is their fundamental need to contribute to and improve society. We are surrounded by people searching for ways to make a difference on a personal, professional and national level.

Want to grow

We are inspired by their deep desire to learn, develop and grow and what really strikes us, is that this search for growth opportunities is not centred around a pay increase, a fancy office or a new parking space. This search is centred around becoming the best possible version of self in order to make a visible and sustainable impact on society.

Want to stay

These young professionals are not planning on leaving. These exceptional young professionals are proudly South African and determined to spread their knowledge, skills and optimism to their families, colleagues and communities. They radiate HOPE on a daily basis!

This is a taste of South Africa – “Our Rainbow Nation”.

Where every colour adds to the beautiful quilt

which enriches us as a society.



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