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Pakane Lamola

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I want to help people understand and acknowledge the fact that without intentional leadership of your own thoughts, feelings and acts, a nation is one leader down!

Experience and Skills

Pakane has more than 10 years professional experience in education, having worked as an educator, an HOD, a district-based Subject Education Specialist in Life orientation, and project officer of an outreach career project. His professional xperiences include working as a Free State Provincial Manager for Pearson’s ICT integration in education. He has experience in designing outreach projects and curriculum programs. Pakane has recently designed the Intentional Living Program for schools. He published a book entitled Achieving Academic Excellence which empowers students to enhance their academic achievements. Pakane is also experienced in co-facilitating leadership, team and personal development. He also mentors young leaders and helps NGO’s in effective leadership and motivation. Pakane is experienced and passionate about delivering NPO organisational development and effectiveness. Pakane is also an expert when it comes to motivation. He is also part of the Lewis Method Deep Democracy and Care and Growth Thematic.


Master’s Degree in Educational Psychology
Honours Degree in General Psychology
B.A. Ed (Education) Degree

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