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Ntombi Ngwenya

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I want to ensure that what is excellent in me and in my work, belongs to everyone else as well.

Experience and Skills

Ntombi is a High School Graduate of Matric 2020. She has a great passion for Business Management and Ntombi is also part of the Lewis Deep Democracy course where she is learning the art of skillful facilitation. Ntombi has a strong belief that one day she will be managing a business where she will be aided by her great facilitation skills. Ntombi is a loving and caring person, she believes in equal treatment for all regardless of people’s individual differences. She is a jolly person and enjoys an environment full of zest and positive energy. Ntombi is motivated by challenge and enjoys putting herself in situations which stretch her capabilities and allow her to develop and grow. Ntombi is currently doing online courses on Udemy, Project Management and Marketing. She is also a certified Email Guru (completed her Email Guru course on Udemy).


Matric Graduate (Bachelor Pass)

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