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Kirsten Long

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I want to help people move forward successfully in life, and that will bring empowerment, not just to my clients, but to people around my clients. I want to engage with people and leave them feeling heard and understood.

Experience and Skills

Kirsten Long is passionate about her profession of coaching. She has worked full time as a Coach since November 2005 to date and has over 1500 hours of coaching experience. She has coached private individuals as well as in corporates: Spark Schools, Avision, Sanofi Aventis, VentureWeb, Danone, Parity Software, to mention a few. She has worked as an associate for Shine and for Infundo where she has been involved with a project in Victoria West which is focused on school and community development. Kirsten puts in many hours working with a prisoner rehabilitation program called HeartWork which runs in various prisons in and around Johannesburg. She has been on the HeartWork Exco for 13 years.
Kirsten is interested in her own personal development and has attended many different trainings over the years like Care and Growth, Relationship Coaching for Counsellors and Coaches, Basic Ontological Coaching.


BSc (Wits)
Higher Education Diploma (UNISA)
Applied Life Coaching (Foundation SA)
NLP Masters and Coaching (Advanced Human Technologies)

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