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Four Types of Leadership Preferences- which one are you showing up as?

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

by Candida di Giandomenico

Everyone has them – the monster in the workplace or family group! Think about a person in your world that raises your hackles – that individual you find particularly challenging to work with, communicate to or who has such a different perspective and approach that you simply can’t connect. On the flip side, we all have those individuals that are just so easy to relate to. “If only everyone could just be like them” we may sigh. Working in teams, be they virtual or physical is the norm. If you’re reading this blog, chances are you part of numerous teams at work and in your personal life.

The capacity to embrace and work with diversity has never been more pressing. Globalisation, technological advances, the new world of work all demand that we can quickly create effective relationships in order to progress and achieve goals. I’d hazard that it is impossible to achieve anything completely on your own.

INSIGHTS Discovery is a powerful tool based on Jungian Psychology that can help us to navigate the intricate web of human relationships. Fun, insightful and alarmingly accurate, this personality profile will definitely leave you with a profound understanding of yourself, how and why you may battle to connect and engage with some people (remember that monster?) and also enable you to develop strategies for being more effective at connecting with others.

The underlying concept is that we all have preferences in terms of how we show up, relate to the world and information, engage with others and make decisions. Once you complete the 25 questions the system will determine which preference you “lead with”. These preferences are then split into 4 colours, 8 types and 16 sub-types – each with their own characteristics. The good news is that there is no right and wrong, no preference that is any better than another. Each preference will have its strengths and possible areas for development (or good and bad day behaviour).

Most of us lead with two colour preferences but the truth is even though we prefer 1 or 2, we actually have all 4 colours within us and we access them at different times.

Which colour preference do you believe best describes you in the work place? Given this new awareness, consider if at times you become a colleague or family members “monster”.

But let’s go back to your “monster” fo r a moment. Which preference do you think they might lead with? Very often, we may find dealing with our opposite type quite a challenge – hence the label “monster”. Attending an INSIGHTS Discovery workshop will help build the awareness and strategies for working more effectively with other preferences and in so doing really help in enhancing the relationship.

Here are some guidelines for how to engage better with different styles:



• Be direct and to the point

• Focus on results and objectives

• Be brief, be bright and be gone


• Hesitate or waffle

• Focus on feelings

• Try to take over



• Be patient and supportive

• Slow down to their pace

• Ask their opinion; give time to answer


• Take advantage of their good nature

• Push them to make quick decisions

• Spring last minute surprises