We are a diverse group of like-minded and highly skilled practitioners.
Our team includes registered industrial psychologists, experienced soft skills trainers, facilitators, coaches and consultants. Between us we have over 60 years of formal working experience in the corporate sector.

Registered Industrial Psychologist, Shine Internship Co-Manager, People Development Consultant, Facilitator, South African-Born Greek, Twin, Wife & Mom. 

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Robert Munjoma

Facilitator, strategy and transformational training consultant, volunteer at heart, coach, leader.

Genetic Brain Profologist,

Facilitator, Wellness Advocate, Modern family Wife & Mother, Recovering perfectionist

Thinking partner, master facilitator, trainer extraordinaire, facilitator, coach, team builder, energizer-bunny, problem-solver, mom, wife, dancer and life enthusiast – not your common garden variety.


Relationship builder, coach, critical thinker, people developer, trouble shooter, lifelong learner, free spirited and strong willed.

Emerging Industrial Psychologist, consultant, runner, sister, daughter.